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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

VHR Stockcar 2010 Edition 4.00

// What The Hell - Is VHR Stockcar For rFactor ?

VHR-Stockcar - Is geared for the player that wants to race hard online during league play or have a fun racing experience offline with the A.I4. It also has a user friendly interface and is available in both a stand alone and rfactor install ...there are two version for you to use...the stand alone install is the best choice for perfromance...but if you like to keep everything in one game there is also an rfactor install for you.

// VHR News Update ~ Work Is In Full Motion On The 2011 Edition

• The VHR 2011 Edition process is in full motion, new models are one the way for the Nationwide and Sprint Cup mod's. Along with the updated tracks and other bugs that has been brought to my attention will also be addressed. Cup models will receive an update or two depending on what changes Nascar will make to the front end for the 2011 season. VHR 2011 Edition promises to bring Sim racing experience to a whole new level with fully updated tracks, updated paint schemes, better sounds and even better fine tuned physic's (based off the 2010 physic's). With better limitations on engines, transmission and tire wear. Also, VHR will be released on both rfactor and rfactor2 platform for the 2011 season.

// Future Plans For VHR In 2010

• There will be no more updates to the current 2010 Edition of the VHR Stockcar mod, just for the simple reason that leagues are now fully into their respected seasons and it wouldn't be right to throw another update into the mix at this point just for a few mirror errors that has been brought to my attention this year ....I want to focus my full attention towards the 2011 Edition so all of the bugs are worked out before the late December release.


*- Important Notice: If you have rfactor installed on your computer, copy the rfactor.exe file and paste it into the VHR2010 folder on your hard drive.


in: http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=VHR%20Stockcar%202010%20Edition


VHR-2010 Version 4.0 

4.0 Game Server Files

4.0 Default Setup Package

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